RudyBEETS dropping a few surprises, more coming tomorrow…

Week 49 Concerto Programme, let the Christmas spirit unfold

Dear friends and fellow Ludwigs,

We always loved the month of December. When it gets cold in Vienna, when the Austrian mountain peaks become white, and the Christmas lights shine bright, when you smell the mulled wine everywhere while listening to a classical street fanfare. Then you know ’tis the season, Christmas. Time to get together with family and frens and gift your beloved ones with surprising presents (with this market, all rekt frens might be in need of a little present).

We have entered into week 49. 3 weeks to go of our Roadmap v. 0.2 and last week was a calm week of bridging UST to Fantom, bug fixing after fBEETS launch, progressing on our LBP platform, community calls around marketing, a general community town hall AMA, the degen apprentice started roaming and we designed some christmas presents for you all.


As discussed in the Discord and revisited in the AMA, the community has voiced their collective desire to put forth a proposal to gain protocol owned liquidity. Users can exchange A Late Quartet (FTM-USDC-ETH-BTC weighted pool) for BEETS using bonding.

Voting stations are opening this week

The BEETS used in the bonding will be taken from farm emissions, and hence this will further build up the DAO treasury (in addition to the 50% protocol fee and 10% BEETS max supply). Owning major asset liquidity will increase the diversity of the DAO treasury and ensure long term prosperity. This will benefit BEETS holders as treasury owners and also the protocol.

The governance vote will be online midweek. Stay tuned!

NFT Christmas Drop

Beethoven the undead is a giver. We are working on a very unique piece of music and dance that makes it possible for anyone to become a bonafide Ludwig. The great Christmas NFT giveaway will start soon friends: “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way” 🎶🎶🎶🎶

Details dropping Tuesday!

Marketing Community Session

A small orchestra assembled last week and discussed ideas that could expand the music. The Degen Apprentice started roaming Twitter, we created language channels, we are deep diving into analytics and beginning to create tutorial video material, all with you and for you, Ludwigs, the amazing orchestra and community. Always feel free to join the Marketing-ideas channel on Discord if you wish to particpate.

Merry Christmas

On that note, we wish for plentiful Christmas spirit for the coming month. Be kind and be good, you will be handsomely rewarded for it.



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