Vulnerability Disclosure

Last Friday a vulnerability was disclosed from the Balancer team that affects some of the pools on our platform.

There were 3 nested pools for which the best course of action to take was to ask LPs to remove their funds to avoid any potential loss of funds.

The following Pools that required this action are:



Since the release of the disclosure approx 90% of the combined TVL (2.8M) in the pools has been removed.

We would like to say thank you to everyone for aiding in this process of awareness and removal thus far. No user funds have been lost in the process and we are grateful for the community’s collaboration.

As there are still user funds remaining across the 3 pools mentioned above, we continue to urge liquidity providers to remove funds asap.

The Balancer Labs engineers are currently working on a fix and we will update the community with more information as things progress.

For now, we have done our best to ensure that users are aware of these changes and will continue to do so until all deposits have been removed.

We have released statements on our Twitter and Discord as well as relevant messaging on our UI. We have stopped the farm emission to the aforementioned pools and all of the Boosted Pools across our DEX’s have also been put into recovery mode. All this means is that the pool with no longer take a protocol fee, pretty simple.

A link to the vulnerability thread from the Balancer team is below:



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