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The conductor’s secret godlike dashboard, from where divine music can be created.

Conduct that music Maestro!

Some of you might have played around with it already, but now we officially launch

We are proud to present the maestro’s hidden tool. The conductor’s secret godlike dashboard, from where divine music can be created.

The maestro on the podium is one of classical music’s most recognisable figures and long before Toscanini or Furtwängler, Us, Beethoven, Bernstein or Dudamel, there was Pherekydes of Patrae, known in ancient Greece as the ‘Giver of Rhythm’. A myth from 709 BC describes him leading a group of eight hundred musicians by beating a golden staff “up and down in equal movements” so that the musicians “began in one and the same time” and “all might keep together”.

The nature of the conductor has shifted and changed in the past thousand-ish years, but a certain air of mystique still surrounds those mysterious figures on the podium.

Why is it that a single person, making no noise at all apart from the odd breathy grunt and armed with just a sliver of wood, or sometimes just their hands, can be held responsible for the sonic output of hundreds of instrument-wielding people? And how is it that the sounds that pour forth from this “mysterious podium dance” occasionally reach the sublime, conjuring an artistic experience that nobody who hears it can ever forget?

How is it that true maestros can have this overview of the finest details?

It is because of an overview of data, of the notes, of all the complexity visualised in a simple manner for the human brain to absorb information and then create appropriate responses.

A dashboard is a maestro’s true hidden tool.

And now you have it. Enjoy:

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