Symphony of the Week with The Dante Symphony

Dear Friends and Fellow Ludwigs,

Welcome to the Symphony of the Week!

This week we are listening to a symphony coming from the pool “Dante Symphony”. We will again learn about the melody, the performance and offer insights through comparison.

At Beethoven X we like to enjoy all kinds of music, each symphony is unique in its design. So while we may applaud the show, it doesn’t mean we think you should buy a ticket

About the Melody

Every symphony is compiled in its own unique way. This weeks composition features two stalwarts of the industry in BTC and ETH, and in FTM the asset that is the foundation of our auditorium.

A meloday for the ages with giants and smaller giants

Wrapped Statera is at the forefront, promising to add fire to the music while our very own BEETs provides the subtle background bass lines.

Did Dante perform like the opening of Franz Liszt, our did it soar like a fiery phoenix?… lets find out


Two weeks ago, Statera entered the BEETs gauge voting system. Since Dante got its allocation the price and liquidity has been on an upward trajectory

Liszt or Phoenix?

The 17th saw the largest growth of liquidity where $700k was added, this was a little under a 30% growth for the day. This was driven by a 10% increase in the wSTA price off the back of Statera’s announcement of their voter incentive.

Throughout the week the APR on Dante stayed above 145%.

Performance on the back of the

This sustained level of return was due to Dante receiving 3.6% emissions from the previous gauge vote. This amounted to, on average, just short of $11.5k worth of BEETs going to the pool per day


The Statera token itself had a very good week which saw its price rise by 55%, once again underlying the value proposition for projects to enter the Beethoven X gauge system!

Within Dante are a few blue chip digital assets, this includes our very own BEETs.

If at the start of the week, a person had invested $10k into Dante, their return for the week would have been 18.4%.

If we consider the opportunity cost of entering Dante vs holding any of the individual underlying digital assets, we can see that the same $10k invest would have returned the following:

  • Outperformed FTM (by 19%), ETH (by 22.5%) and BTC (by 23%)*
  • Underperformed against BEETs (by 11.5%) and wSTA (by 37%)

*This is after including the APY one would have received from using a yearn as a yield aggregator

Not Financial Advice

This feauture should under no curcumstances be considered financial advice. Each Beethoven X pool is unique and carries the risks of all the underlying digital assets. Featuring on the Symphony of the Week is only a review of past performance. It doesn’t not represent an endorsement of any of the protocols or their digital assets. Beethoven X users should only invest according to their individual risk limits.

Remember that a liquidity pool is only as good as its weakest token. If a token were blacklisted, infinitely minted, frozen, or exploited in any other way, the value of a pool could go to 0. Beethoven X is never liable for losses incurred through using our UI or the Beethoven X protocol. Be careful, and do your own research.



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