Symphony of the Week: The Grand Orchestra

Dear friends and Fellow Ludwigs,

Welcome to Symphony of the Week.

This week we feature a pool whose thunderous sounds are arguably the most influential to us and those arounds us. As the notes from three powerful master composers fill the sky and the melody ebbs and flows, the audience hangs onto every beat. This week we feature the powerhouse that is The Grand Orchestra.


Trade volume began the week with $162K (June 11) and saw growth to reach a high for the week of $510k (June 13). The second half of the week saw volumes steadily decline, The Grand Orchestra closed the week with volumes at $114k

TVL started the week at $2m, which was the high point for the week. The early part of the week brought two days with the largest liquidity movements of $253k (June 12) and $487k (June 13). These movements represent reduction in TVL as a result of the wider market decline. For the test of the week TVL stayed relatively constant and closed the week at $1.1m


In addition to swap fees, The Grand Orchestra also receives a base allocation of BEETS rewards. BEETS rewards APR started the week at 3.31%, rose to a high of 6.66% (14 June). After that there was a slight decline closing the week at 5.42%. Swap fee APR followed a similar pattern to the changes in trade volume and reached a high of 37.18% (13 June) and low of 7.43% (11 June).


During the week, The Grand Orchestra ranked in the top 10 for volume for all pools on the Fantom network. Additionally, throughout the week the Swap Fee to BEETS emitted ratio was greater than 1. This means that fees generated to liquidity providers and the protocol, exceed the value of BEETS emissions. The pool ranked in the top 20 for utilization rate for all pools and in the Top 10 once stable pools are excluded. This is based on pools with a TVL > $100k.


This week we saw that blue chip tokens are still front and center of activity. Thanks to the technology created by Balancer, used by Beethoven, we are able to create a unique combination that can be found nowhere else. In times of uncertainty it’s always good to have tools that give you the flexibility to make custom pools based on your own risk management. Tune in next time to see what else is playing!

At Beethoven X we like to enjoy all kinds of music, rock, jazz, classical, trip hop, each symphony is unique in its design. So while we may applaud the show, it doesn’t mean we think you should buy a ticket



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