Remixes, remasters and renditions.

Beethoven X
3 min readJan 25, 2023


There is nothing quite like a good remix — that nostalgic sense of familiarity with a funkadellically fresh twist. Progression is a natural function of evolution and we’re constantly adapting.

If you’ve been following along you will be aware of a recent vulnerability disclosure that has affected some of the pools across our platform.

If not, dive into the following article to get up to speed:

With the disclosure affecting the new boosted pool factories we had to postpone the roll out of the Boosted Revolution for the short term; the safety and security of our users is the number one priority and so waiting a little while until the Balancer Labs engineers have given us the go ahead is a no brainer.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and the hold off on the Boosted revolution offered the opportunity to take some proactive and much needed steps to the pools on the DEX.

Time for a little remix.

A little shuffle and reassessment; we will be altering some of the incentives and structures of the current pools on the Fantom DEX to ensure optimal performance under the current market conditions.

A little spring clean if you will. Creating space for the next stage of our evolution these changes are also a necessary and proactive step to prepare for the next wave of boosted pools to grace the platform.

So, without further ado — The following changes will be taking place on Fantom (Note: These changes will take place immediately.)

Pools redeployed:

A crowd favourite. Fantom of the Opera has been redeployed with a dynamic swap fee, allowing the protocol to adjust the fee depending on the ever-changing market. This ensures the pool is always in the most efficient state and serves the best interest of both users and protocol.

Pools no longer receiving additional BEETS incentives:

Pools that have proven to be inefficient and outdated have had BEETS incentives removed.

Veteran pools hosting fixed swap fees have had incentives removed due to the inability to efficiently optimise them.

Legacy Boosted pools have been performing sub-optimally, thus, have been removed to prepare for the deployment of the new iteration of Boosted Pools on Fantom.

Some partnership pools have also been removed due to the current partnerships' time frames concluding. We are eager to discuss new possibilities once the situation arises!

These actions free up BEETS incentives to flow to more highly regarded, popular and profitable pools for our users. This is an iterative process and will be adapted depending on the data.


Proactive steps to make the best of the current environment. These changes are a step to efficiently optimise BEETS incentives, swap fees and profitability for our users.

Simple tweaks to our music that will really boost the sound quality and bring in that PHUNK.

Peace and love,

Beet X