Protocol Fee Distribution — January

Beethoven X
2 min readFeb 4, 2023

Dear Ludwigs

A new year, new fees?

Let’s find out…

Here is the brief breakdown for January:

At the time of collection, fees totalled $73k.

The activity split was $64k (78%) on Fantom and $9k (22%) from Optimism. A performance that betters the last 5 months.

The $73k was deployed today in the following way:

  • Held on Optimism: $4.5k held for liquidity mining incentives.
  • Treasury: $39.6k was added to Steady Beets, Act II (Fantom), $4.5k was added to Optimistic Steady Beets (Optimism) and $3.2k was used to acquire a combination of veBAL, vlAura and auraBAL
  • fBEETS voting incentives: $20.7k (295k BEETs) will be distributed as bounties during February’s gauges. As part of this allocation, a total of 260k BEETS ($18k) was bought off the open market.

Short and sweet but to the point.

A full breakdown will be covered during at the Monthly Town Hall and in the Monthly Performance Report.

Until then, may February continue to be as bountiful!