Our Strategic Partnership Fund

Dear friends and fellow Ludwigs,

In my time, the strength of men, composers, and kings was measured by those whom they surrounded themselves with. Embarking on this journey, we too have decided to seek out advisors and partners that strengthen and inspire our community.

In our tokenomics update last week, we introduced the concept of a Strategic Partnership Fund to aid us in achieving our long term goals on Fantom. We see the ability to engage with ecosystem partners as well as incentivize projects to build on top of our protocol as being key to our success.

Our Strategic Partnership Fund will be deployed to attract and incentivize partners that will help Beethoven X grow and thrive over the coming years. 7% of the total maximum supply of BEETS will be reserved for this purpose.

Beethoven X commits itself to never use any of the funds in the Strategic Partnerships Fund to pay or reward any of its team members or employees. This fund is exclusively for partners, integrators and other teams in general that contribute to the Beethoven X ecosystem. Any use of these funds will be presented to the community prior to execution.

Security and Transparency Above All Else

In order to reinforce the promise laid out above, we’ve enlisted two well known community members that will serve as 2 of the 3 signers on our Strategic Partnership Fund wallet.

  • Justin Bebis — Smart contract engineer, yAcademy fellow, and Fantom Unchained co-host, Justin Bebis was one of the first developers on Fantom. He currently provides technical and business guidance to many projects on the network and leads the Byte Masons development team, who are currently building Reaper.Farm.
  • Solarcurve — One of the original Ballers and a community contributor at Balancer for over a year. He created https://pools.vision/ and now leads efforts focused on growing engagement like discord AMA’s and the weekly newsletter. He is also signing the multisig of seen.haus and Balancer Protocol.

We feel that both Justin and Solarcuve represent what we at Beethoven X strive to be: transparent, open and honest in how we conduct ourselves in this ecosystem. We feel privileged to have both of them join us on this journey.




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