New fBEETS farm Emissions went live today

New Farm Incentives Based on Gauge Vote Live!

Dear Friends, and Fellow Ludwigs.

Ask and it shall be given; seek and you shall find. The sweet sound of influence on where the BEETS farm emissions go.

As you know our first ever gauge vote was completed Monday and the new farm incentives went live this morning.

To refresh your memory:

30% of the beets farm emission will be decided by the fBEETS gauge vote bi-weekly. The first vote ended Monday January 9th.

The fBEETS pool’s emission percentage will be fixed at 33.33% and was not part of the gauge vote.

5% of the BEETS emission is reserved for bonding purpose.

Below you can find the new distribution:

Steady Beets will be juicy!

For more information read here:

Let the music continue to unfold in your life and enjoy this wonderful day.



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