Beethoven x
Week No 47 in C Major

Masterful compositions are timeless

It is Tuesday morning and we are delayed. Like that one time in Vienna, when we wrote our 6 Symphony, we also had to delay many times since the second movement just did not really sound as good as we wanted. Ferdinand Ries had to run down to the Burgteater many times and negotiate a new premiere day. He told them that “Masterful compositions are timeless and worth waiting for”…

And we are also delayed — we are really successful and totally on track… #uponlyvibe

We are both. #headexplosiongif

First official friendly fork of Balancer.


Last week we promised you fresh beets, they are coming.

Wen? Soon. This week.

Last week we promised you an UI update. It is coming.

Wen? Soo.. tonight Tuesday.

Last week we promised you progress on the Balancer Friendly Fork Proposal. The vote ended yesterday and it was a very clear yes. Actually it was 481,740 to 5(!)… a landslide.

The votes being counted

We are now the first officially recognised friendly balancer fork.

All part of the roadmap and all part of the journey. So as markets rumble, as volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity explodes, we just keep composing.

The Week No 47 in C Major.

Besides fbeets and UI updates we also have a very cool partnership announcement tomorrow wednesday which we hope will benefit the entire fantom ecosystem.

And we think we should throw something fun and competition’ish in over the weekend. Just for the fun of it.

Dear Ludwigs, we love you and we just keep on moving forward. #uponly

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