All them Ludwigs Launching Tokens to the moon!

Launching with Balancer Intern

Beethoven X


Dear Ludwigs,

We are stoked to announce and new collaborator in the mix.

Months of composing, weeks of preparation, countless hours of practicing the same notes over and over again; all culminate in that one magical moment, when the curtains open for the very first time.

The curtains silently but swiftly swoosh off to sides, the overhead lights, momentarily blind the orchestra, and the audience grasps and quiets in electric anticipation. Oh how we love a premieré.

In the now, premierés come more often and in the form of new projects launching on our revered Fantom Opera.

As you know, with the introduction of Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool technology on Beethoven X we aim to provide a superior solution for teams launching their token. Going forward we will be simply referring to this as Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools. If you missed our write up on the superiority of the LBP check here.

Collaboration with and Balancer Intern

Without further ado, we would like to introduce to you, our new collaborator: Meet Balancer Intern.

Not only is he an intern at Balancer DAO. He also is the man behind In just a few short months the platform and newsletter have become a valued and unique source of information for anyone who is actively interested in following and participating in token launches utilising LBP’s. The value proposition of is simple; be a one-stop shop for information and curated content on upcoming and past LBP’s.

The new partnership with Balancer Intern will ensure that launches happening on Beethoven X are featured and showcased on

This increases the reach of any LBP happening and is a value add for any team considering launching with us.

Additionally, together with a growing network interested in, it will help attract new projects to launch with us.

Lastly, Balancer Intern will assist in creating content to attract new launches, showcase launches and popularise LBP’s on Fantom.

Remember, attracting as many potential projects to utilise the LBP is an important goal for the upcoming quarter.

LBP is not only a more user-friendly, less hectic and more sustainable way to launch a token that discourages sniping, bots and whale action — it’s also a great way for the Beethoven X treasury to grow. For every LBP 2% off the collateral asset (usually FTM or USDC) collected in the course of the LBP will flow directly to the treasury.

For this week stay tuned for the Onering launch, happening on the 27th.

Remember don’t ape, take it easy, the price is designed to go down!

About and Balancer Intern.

Straight from the musician himself.

Hey guys, I’m excited about our partnership with Beethoven.

I’ve been contributing to Balancer DAO and among all the amazing tech that Balancer offers, LBP was the one that I gravitated towards to the most. This was during the time when LBPs quickly went from an abbreviation most people didn’t recognize to a household name in crypto.

I knew projects would soon realize LBPs is the superior way to launch a token and bootstrap liquidity. This gave me an idea to create LBP Launches and turn it into the very first website focused on making it easier to find new auctions.

Partnering with Beethoven to cover LBPs on Fantom was the next logical step for me and I’m thrilled that it’s now a reality.

We are stoked to collaborate with Balancer Intern.

Let the music continue to flow.