Holly Jolly NFT Giveaway

More than pimped out, exclusive Chrimbo NFTs?! We think not!

Father BEETmas and his merry gang of Ludwigs have been playing on the wild side this winter season. Outrageous creativity and bucketloads of BeetNog.

Perhaps maybe a little too much BeetNog. On their rounds to deliver gifts to the world, Santa and his cohort seem to have “misplaced” a bunch of exclusive NFTs.

Where you might ask? All we know right now is they were last seen sprinkled across our Discord server.

In the run up to Christmas (starting Monday 19.12.22) a merry hunt will begin to seek out these missing treasures.

Each day we will be dropping some hints to the whereabouts of the lost NFTs. Simply scour our Discord server to find the Giveaway Bot for your chance to get your hands on one of these killer pieces of art.

Featuring two unique series — X Files and South Park — the holly jolly giveaway will run until the 24th of December with 2 NFTs up for grabs each day.

Stay tuned for more info coming soon.



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