First NFT collection of the life and times of Ludwig the Undead.

Beethoven — an undead artist just crafted 500 NFTs.

Dear friends and fellow Ludwigs,

We are delighted to introduce the “First collection of the life and times of Ludwig the Undead”. Revealed to the world Friday 22.10.21.

483 NFTs will be airdropped to early liquidity providers for Beethoven X.

3 NFTs from the “Early Ludwig Collection” are still up for grabs!

In our life before our earthly demise and our ultimate decomposition, only one painting was created in our likeness that we approved of. While we personally think that the portrait by Joseph Karl Stiehler makes us look a little mad, we do love the 19th century laser eyes look he gave us.

Now that we’re back, we want to make sure that we will be remembered not only for the music we produced but also for the pictures that show our undead life unfolding.

Ludwig getting some help from The Apprentice

This time another dear and very talented friend has painted 100 images featuring us and our beloved friends. These wonderful artworks are now ready to change hands like Stiehlers painting did throughout

Early Sketches

We are delighted to introduce the
“First collection of the life and times of Ludwig the Undead”:

500 NFTs to be minted in the first collection

100 unique designs featuring Beethoven X and friends

A featured collection on the PaintSwap Marketplace

We are very proud of all the co-composers, orchestra, and audience which have graced us with their presence and embraced us since the day we announced “We are back!”. Therefore 483 NFTs will, as promised, go out to early liquidity providers for Beethoven X.

These are the 483 amazing souls that deposited liquidity between the 28th of September and 3rd of October and were present in the subsequent snapshots. The snapshot addresses can be viewed here.


3 NFTs of the “Early Ludwig Collection” are still up for grabs!

Show the world your meme skills and get your hands on 1 of 3 unique NFTs.

As we have always done with our concert tickets, we kept some NFTs aside for some special people. We want to give everyone a chance to get a hold of one of the 500 first Beethoven X NFTs. Compose the following steps to enter the competition:

  1. Follow Beethoven X on Twitter
  2. Craft the best possible BEETS Meme you can
  3. Share the BEETS Meme on your Twitter account and include $BEETS in your tweet
  4. Remember to tag @beethoven_x
  5. Fill in this form

→ Competition ends Tuesday 19.00 UTC.

→ Community Voting: Wednesday 20.10 — Thursday 21.10

→ Minting of all NFTs on Friday 22.10.

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