What a week ahead!

Concerto Programme Week 51

Can you believe it, we are in the second last week of 2021. For us, who have lived (ish) for more than 200 years, it could be just another small point in time, but it is not. It is yet another amazing week, where we give everything we have in us. To build, create, deploy, compose, and play. And it is the week of Christmas.

In 1734 Johann Sebastian Bach wrote his famous and timeless Christmas Oratorio, and the piece seems like a adequete reminder and sympol for the weeks we are in. The oratorium and its six parts is considered a timeless masterpeice — check it out here

This week, besides Christmas:

You should check out the madness that Vee and Spooky Noob have been composing #SullyClaus

In 1734 Johann Sebastian Bach wrote his famous piece. In week 51 of 2021 Beethoven X released the new permissionless UI for creating Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools on Fantom. Same same. Johann Ludwig.

Can you believe it?

Wishing you a great week and enjoy the concerto.




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Beethoven x

Beethoven x

Your decentralized investment platform

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