It called us. Good thing we are slightly mad from our first life…

Concerto Programme Week 48

Dear friends and fellow Ludwigs,

So precious. Over time it called us and during the last weeks these calls became even more intense. The calls from the magical fBEETS.

It called us with triple incentives and with ingenuity and masterful composition. The sounds struck us and made our minds bend. We could hear every single nuance of the fBEET calling us. It was precious. So Precious.

Last week we fought till our fingers bled to get fBEETS live for you. We crawled to the finish line, half blind and deaf up on the podium. However in our world a symphony must always be played, even if the composer and conductor can barely stand. Most of the times in Vienna such scenarios were caused by heavy drinking…not by manic coding.

Friend, you have now entered week 48, and like our Opus 48 It is short, sweet and simple.

Another week to compose epic songs and symphonies.

This week you will hear us work on:

  1. Community Marketing Session
  2. A December thing from our designers
  3. Ton of Partnerships call
  4. Progress on Roadmap V. 0.3

Already delivered: Rewards on The Solana Sonata, go nuts in those epic APRs

This week also has an AMA Saturday 4th of December at 15.00. Meet the team and ask whatever you want to ask. We can’t wait to see you

Come join us. It will be cosy!

When the week is over you will have recieved a ton of beets 7 daily classics and you will be 7 days closer to Christmas. Isn’t that nice?

Enjoy, and make it count.



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