Concerto Programme Week 44

Dear friends and fellow Ludwigs,
This week is fully inspired by our beautiful Symphony №7.

While we were performing it for our beloved friends starting in 1812, the first edition of our №7. was only officially published in November 1816. As our undead self moves into November 2021 today, we would like to also publish a new symphony: the Beethoven X roadmap V 0.2.

To keep the Allegretto coming, we added the following to the Concerto Programme in week 44:

  1. Protocol fees distribution
  2. Beethoven X Roadmap V 0.2
  3. UI Update
  4. More pools and partnerships will be announced
  5. Introducing a Beethoven X AMA on our Discord

Protocol fees distribution

Thank you all for participating in our first governance vote regarding protocol fees and their use to maximize the impact and longevity of our shared symphony.

The vote by the community, which ended yesterday, saw the acceptance of following proposal for the use of protocol fees:

  • 50% of protocol fees will be re-invested into LP’ing on Beethoven-X, controlled by the DAO treasury.
  • 30% will be used to buy BEETS off the market and distribute to liquidity providers.
  • 18% goes to the team to cover salaries and infrastructure costs
  • 2% will continue to go to The Beethoven Climate Fund

Read more about the first governance vote and the distribution of the protocol fees here.

Beethoven X Roadmap V 0.2

As we closed our first four weeks sprint, we came together in our favorite bar in Vienna to compose our next sonatas. Find an updated version of our roadmap in our docs here.

Beethoven X UI & Performance Update

Some things never change. We were perfectionists over 200 years ago and still are. Our UI will never stand still. This week we will be merging the Investment and the Farm tab into one and introduce an easier way of seeing your earned Farm Incentives. This new Sonata will be played mid-week for you.

More pools and partnerships will be announced

Our orchestra is growing. We started the week by announcing our partnership with Hundred.Finance. We are talking to more highly talented musicians, co-composers and songwriters. Expect more partnerships to be revealed soon.

Introducing a Beethoven X AMA on our Discord

Our undead self is not completely deaf. We always loved listening to what the people had to say. And when it was not possible anymore to talk to us, we used conversation notebooks to help us communicate with our community. But in 2021 there are much easier ways for us to communicate. This week we are hosting our first Beethoven X AMA on our very own Discord. Stay tuned!

And then there is one more thing. We’ll play some games this week and drop some BEETS into Wallets. Another competition is starting tomorrow.

Have a great week friends. Keep composing and make it count.