Concerto Programme Week 27

Dear Friends and Fellow Ludwigs,

Welcome everyone to another wild week. We hope you are doing well and that you are all managing to stay safe and motivated out there.

We know these larger macro downturns can be hard to navigate and can put significant amounts of pressure (mentaly, physically, spiritually) on the community. It can be tough and it can be disheartening but it’s important that we remember to stick together and to remind ourselves of why we are here — to become the best defi protocol the world has ever seen, backed by the best community an undead composer could hope for.

Welcome to the Concerto Programme Week 27. Where we once again highlight some of the work happening this week.

So what’s on the Concerto this week?

Live Events

What is music without a show? The stage has been set and we have a couple of gigs lined up for the week:

Community Town Hall: It’s going to be a big ‘un. This month’s town hall marks a special space in our hearts as it is the first time we are doing our half year review. For the reader more familiar with Beethoven X, we do Monthly Community Town Hall Meetings where we go through the last 30 day of work and development and performance. A must-see for all Beethoven fanatics, aka Ludwigs, the Town Hall will take place over on our Discord this Thursday at 1pm UTC. Save the date and we hope to see you all there!

Protocol Fee Distribution

The start to a new month can only mean one thing — revenue share.

Last week we conducted our monthly sweep of the Protocol Fee Collector and distributed fees. With the recent deployment on to Optimism, this month was the first time that we received protocol fees from both Fantom and Optimism.

Here is a quick breakdown for the revenue share for the month of June:

For a more detailed version on how protocol fees are distributed check out our Docs here.

Gauge Vote

Round 14 is prepped, primed and raring to go. The weeks are just cruising by so quickly and it’s almost time to vote. Have your say in 30% of the BEETS emissions for the weeks of July, 11 and 18. Voting will be done via Snapshot and will go live at some point this Wednesday.

For more information on how the Gauge works and how you can get involved check out this Medium article here.

Come Breathe with us

Please join us on Wednesday at 12.00 UTC for our community Breathwork & Meditation Session hosted by @yogiastralnaut. This is a resource for you and your wellbeing, so please use it when you can.

Breathwork is a body based and body centred approach to attending to the nervous system in a very functional and physiological way. It focuses on the activation of breath awareness and control to be able to notice and release what tension is kept in the body. We will be together in this space for 60 mins. We will breathe the conscious connected breath for 40 minutes and there will be time at the end to share your experience if you would like. You can find the link in the Lotus Room Channel on our Discord.

Thank you

This was a Concerto Programme. An invite for our Monthly Community Town Hall, a light touch on the protocol fee distribution and invite to Round 14 of the Gauge vote and as always an invitation to join us in our weekly routines. Routines that will evolve an adap as we go through the grind, together. And Hopefully see some of you on Thursday at 13.00 UTC.



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