Concerto Programme Week 25

Dear Friends and Fellow Ludwigs,

Welcome to week 25 of the year 2022. A week of being on (Twitter) stages. A week of celebrating partnerships and our love for Balancer tech. A week of governance by you dear Ludwigs.

The week already started yesterday by delivering the much anticipated symphony of the week. After a week of hiatus it is back at full force. In the format you love, looking into performance, rewards and comparison. This week we feature a pool whose thunderous sounds are arguably the most influential to us and those arounds us. As the notes from the grand orchestra fill the sky and the melody ebbs and flows, the audience hangs onto every beat.

Immediately after this weshared revenue with fBEETS beets holders so that fBEETS value increased from 1.0224 to 1.023 BEETS.

Today Tuesday 21st you read this short and concise piece that you know arrives weekly. The Concerto Programme is a gift to you to give a short overview of what we are working on during this week.

And 14.00 UTC you might want to join the FTMAlerts Twitter Space with Fantom Foundation and Avalanche where they are talking about authentic communities.

Tomorrow Wednesday 22nd we welcome you to join another twitter space: FTMAlerts Twitter Space with Homora and Beethoven X at 14.00 UTC

On Thursdaywe dive into some of the great features that come with Balancer v2 tech as we share the first part of an article series outlining our love for Balancer.

On Friday we invite you to a Twitter Space with Optimism and Balancer.

Something for you everyday. Some music to soothe your soul.


Last week saw the conclusion of the vote to increase the protocol fee on Fantom. The community elected to increase the fee from 15% to 25% and will be implemented this week. This proposal marked the first strategic vote that was initiated by a community member, this is an important milestone for decentralisation, arguably the best music there is.

We encourage all community members to visit our governance section on our discord server, there are some interesting discussions taking place.


Besides fixing the market the dev team is heads down on BEETS V2, an entire rebuild of our UI and infrastructure.

Tasks for this week:

  • Infrastructure — Performant storage and access of user BPT balances across all pools and farms/gauges. This will enable us to display accurate real time user balances and portfolio data that is always up to date.
  • Trade UI
  • Pool UI

Short and concise. A week filled with love for Balancer. A week filled with being on stages and talking about things that matter to us, and hopefully to you as well.

With love as always

Beethoven X Te



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