Concerto Programme — 88

Beethoven X
3 min readOct 23, 2023


Rise and Shine Maestros,

Welcome to another beautiful week at BEETS. Funkadelically FRESH and always insightful, let’s dive into the weekly Concerto Programme.


Maestros, it's time to compose your thoughts. An important proposal is under discussion in Discord.

The BIP will decide the next steps regarding the recent Balancer/Beethoven X hack. The vote is to decide whether Beethoven X should follow a similar path to Balancer (their proposal can be read here) and create a mechanism whereby users can submit a reimbursement claim in order to fully assess the scale of active funds lost. Following this, further governance should be raised to decide how and if to handle reimbursement.

As the Beethoven X Optimism deployment is a joint deployment with Balancer, the next steps for this deployment are being decided via Balancer governance and are therefore not included in this discussion. This proposal exclusively regards Fantom.

The outcome of this could have a huge impact on the future of Beethoven X so we’d love to have as many people join the discussion as possible. To get involved head to our discord and check the ‘Active Proposals’ section.

Gauge Vote

The weeks are just flying by and the next round of the Beethoven Gauge Vote is just on the horizon.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have your say in BEETS emissions for the period of the 2nd to the 15th of November.

50% of the BEETS farm emissions are decided by the maBEETS gauge and the next round will start this Thursday!

Hot Topic

A DEX that makes a sustainable income come bull or bear?!?!

It’s unheard of, we know, but the flexibility of Balancer technology brings this dream to reality.

This week, we’re breaking down the tech and pulling back the curtains on the yield-bearing fee.


The BEETS data series is running strong. Light work and easy reading these little gems are meant to keep you up to date with the most essential performance metrics at Beethoven X.

Dive into episode #28.


The sun is shining Ludwigs and the weather is sweet! We hope everyone out there is still groovin’ to the BEETS. More challenging times out there for sure but we’re out here building and fully committed to the mission. There is plenty in the pipeline to look forward to and we’re stoked to have you all here with us!

Have a great week and stay FRESH maestros!

Beet X.