Concerto programme — 69

Beethoven X
3 min readMay 29


Rise and Shine Maestros,

Welcome to another beautiful week at BEETS. Funkadelically FRESH and always insightful, let’s dive into the weekly Concerto Programme.


Check out da tech!

Say what? Backend V3 dropped last week!

The BEETS dev crew has been working closely alongside BLabs to improve backend infrastructure. With the new upgrade, the backend is now multi-chain ready and aggregates all information through one server as opposed to separate chains. The new infrastructure is also now fully integrated with Balancers; aside from technical overlap the major benefit here is that the backend costs for Beethoven X will be covered by Balancer moving into the future.


A race to zero? We think not!

Last week saw the passing of a proposal (BIP-42) to bring in a new fee structure for IB yield generated on core pools on Fantom. Uncapped gauge pools that contain IB assets will now have an increased protocol fee taken on IB yield from 25%-50%.

With an increase in protocol fees from IB yield, we hope to see the liquidity flywheel kick off on Fantom as more incentives flow into core pools as bounties.

Gauge Vote

May the force BEET with you!

BEETS are back at it again!! Another wave of the bi-weekly Gauge Vote has been completed and the votes are in.

Emission updates for pools will be implemented this Wednesday and the final results for Round 37 can be found in the Tweet below.


The BEETS data series is running strong. Light work and easy reading these little gems are meant to keep you up to date with the most essential performance metrics at Beethoven X.

Dive into episode #8.

Hot Topics

Boost on Boost! You know how we do!

With the Boosted Revolution in full effect, it's all about taking Balancer tech to new heights. LSTs are all the rage right now and Boosted Pools are taking it up a notch. Dive right in!


The funk just doesn’t stop. There is a lot going down in the BEETS HQ and we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible — De-Fi Re-Imagineered Ludwigs, it’s what just we do!

With New Tech, Live Events, Data Drops, and more, this week is sure to be a blast.

Let’s get it, Maestros. To infinity and beyond!



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