Concerto programme — 65

Beethoven X
5 min readApr 24, 2023


Rise and Shine Maestros,

Welcome to another beautiful week at BEETS. Funkadelically FRESH and always insightful, let’s dive into the weekly Concerto Programme.

Boosted Revolution

First on the list we have the highly anticipated BOOSTED REVOLUTION!

The multistrats have been perfected and it’s time for the Boosted V2 launch. We’re on a mission to become one of the most technologically advanced, sustainable & capital efficient DEXs in space and the new boosted pools are the key to unlocking our future:

  • Optimised Capital Efficiency
  • Sustainable incentive flywheel
  • Positive Cashflow status for the DEX

Stay tuned this week for more info on new pools and how you can get involved.

Community Town Hall

Next up we have the Monthly Community Town Hall.

Come and join us tomorrow at 12pm UTC for a breakdown on the month of March. On the agenda we have:

  • Contributor changes
  • Performance Report
  • Balancer Service Provider
  • Boosted Pools
  • Community Q and As
  • NFT Giveaways

Action packed as always, see you all there!

Service Provider Proposal

“As Balancer pursues its path towards further decentralization, we believe the inclusion of the Beethoven X DAO in its pool of service providers would represent a significant step in furthering this goal.”

We recently put forward a proposal for the extension of our services supporting Balancer.

In the proposal, we provided an update on the progress for our previous collaboration and presented our plans for the future.

The Snapshot went to vote on 21.04.23 and is due to conclude today at 6pm UTC.


It’s all going down at the BEETS GOV corner. Last week we had a couple important BIPs up for vote.

  • BIP-40: Extend core contributor funding from treasury
  • BIP- 41: Extend treasury funding for infrastructure cost

Both proposals passed in favour of their respective implementation. For more information check out our Snapshot page or jump into the Discord for relevant discussions.


Just a little update from the marketing circle. With the Balancer service provider role on the horizon we have been working on updating our strategy to maintain a cadence for content that will allow us to adequately keep on top of our current commitment to BEETS and open up some time to working on Balancer.

As there is major crossover between the protocols we see a ton of benefit for both ecosystems as we enter into this role. Exciting times lie ahead and we’re stoked to be out here building with the best. As things develop we’ll keep you all informed with our plans and progress.

Gauge Vote

The weeks are just flying and the next round of the Beethoven Gauge Vote is almost upon us.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have your say in BEETS emissions for the period of 3–16th of May.

50% of the BEETS farm emissions are decided by the maBEETS gauge and the next round will start this Thursday.

Contributor Changes

The winds change and seasons come and pass. There have been some recent changes to the current roster of contributors and we wanted to make sure everyone was up to date with the changes.

Core Contributors

Nixl recently stepped back into a role to support the finance circle at BEETS. Sadly due to conflicting time commitments he has decided to step back from the role for now.

Over the past couple of weeks Music Director, Ardordo has taken up a more committed position to prove support in reporting and treasury management alongside his work as a Music Director.

Music Directors

Following his departure at the end of February SOuvlaki also decided to let go of his role as an official Music Director. Albert Mendeleev will also be relinquishing his role as an MD. S0meone was voted into the Music Directors at the beginning of April.


The BEETS data series is running strong. Light work and easy reading these little gems are meant to keep you up to date with the most essential performance metrics at Beethoven X. Stay tuned for the latest episode later this week but in the meantime jump in to #3.


The week ahead is shaping up to be another glorious masterpiece.

Fulled with the marvels of new creative music and the wonders of sounds never before heard. The Boosted Revolution is centre stage and its about to POP OFF!

Have a beautiful Ludwigs and we’ll catch you all soon!

Love as always,

Beethoven X