Concerto programme — 61

Beethoven X
5 min readMar 28, 2023

Rise and Shine Maestros!

It’s a new week and we’re feeling FRESH. Funkadelically FRESH!

Spring is knocking at the door and we’re excited to be out here making some music. Constantly innovating, there is plenty to be smiling about.

Vibing high and spreading the love, let’s dive into the Concerto Programme for this week.


Eerily tranquil, serenely peaceful. Must be one of those calms before a STORM.

The tech train never stops at BEETS. From one station to the next, the development truly keeps on a chuggin! With the Reliquary safely behind us it’s been full steam ahead into the future. Up in the pipeline we have a couple exciting projects that we think are going to shake up the scene. Just a little bit of alpha for all the devoted; we can’t say too much just yet but things are moving and they are moving nice!

On a more definitive note, Boosted pools are just about to pop. It’s been a while coming but it looks like everything is finally ironed out and we can start to make some progress with the Boosted Revolution once again. Stay tuned over the coming weeks for more info there.

As always there is also a bunch going on behind the scenes; backend redesigns, batch relayer improvements, UI/UX optimisations, bug fixes, security checks, educational content, the list goes on. The Devs never really stop and they truly embody the definition of innovation.

Gauge vote

Rally the Stormtroopers and channel your inner Jedi. Round 33 of the Gauge vote is about to commence!

With the Reliquary firmly into its flow, it’s important to remember that voting power has changed to a slightly different mechanism — maBEETS.

(ma) stands for maturity adjusted and basically means that your maBEETS position grows stronger over time in relation to the BEETronix maturity cure.

Lost ya eh?! Don’t worry we have got it all covered.

Check out this article for a full run down on Maturity Adjusted voting:

May the Force BEET with you!

The unBEETables

Show stopping, hero popping. Be unBEETable.

The commitment to the cause never ceases to amaze and the dedicated squad of crime busters have been relentless in their pursuit to banish evil from the BEETaVerse.

Rise through the ranks in the hope of one day joining the UnBEETables and rocking an exclusive BEETS superhero NFT! It’s not all about rankings, as some superhero content creators can also be asked to join the squad by going above and beyond and producing something truly magical! But the rankings are certainly something that make a big impact!

Live Events

Lights, camera, action! Talk about a jam packed week.

We’re bringing it to you LIVE with back to back events this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Join us on Wednesday at 11am UTC for an unforgettable evening with the team from Granary Finance. LGEs, the $GRAIN token, NFT discounts and more, tune in and get with the grain as we break it down before the harvest.

From one banger to another. Highly anticipated and eagerly awaited, join the gang from one of our latest partnerships — Ankr. Buckle up and hold on tight, this ones going to be a beauty of a ride. Staked FTM just got staki-er. Wen? This Thursday at 3pm UTC.

Finally rounding off the week is the Monthly Town Hall. A cherished favourite, we’re always excited to bring it to the community whenever we can. From a little performance debrief to general updates and more the Town hall is a must see. Friday at 2pm UTC, be there!

Guide Tone Elected

Ladies and Gentlewomen, please welcome the one and only Mobius Tripper to the Guide Tones.

The Guide Tones (GTs) are a group of community members who play an important role in assisting the development of the protocol. Guide Tones are beacons within our growing community and help to streamline the processes of governance as well as provide invaluable support to the collective.

The vote to elect Mobius into the GTs passed with 99% in favour of his inauguration at the end of last week.

Here’s to a role well earned, we’re super stoked to have you onboard!

Hot Topics

2 words Maestros, 2 words! VERTICAL BLOCKS!

Fantom Edge is a spin off series from the FTM Foundation’s vertical blocks podcast. Short, sweet and to the point, the Fantom Edge episodes are built to have you on the edge of your seat.

Dive into the most recent episode with tech developer Daniel from the BEETS team. Boombastic!

Ankr Pool Live

Ankrs aweigh! Did you catch the launch of the ‘Ankr Fantom Liquid Ocean’ pool last week?

ankrFTM is the Fantom Liquid Staking Solution from the Ankr protocol and allows users to obtain staking rewards for securing the Fantom blockchain while staying liquid. LSDs have really stepped into the limelight recently and it’s super exciting to have ankrFTM onboard.

Fun Fact — We currently hold 44% of the total ankrFTM liquidity on FTM.


It’s a sunshine state of mind over here and we hope we can spread a little joy into your lives also.

We’ve got plenty to be grateful for and you my dear ludwig are most certainly one of those reasons.

Take a quick moment to smile at just how awesome you truly are and to remind yourself to enjoy the gift of the present. Sometimes it’s simple and we’re rolling with that energy for the week.

Have a beautiful day and we’ll catch you all real soon!