Concerto Programme — 58

Beethoven X
5 min readMar 7, 2023

Beetin’ Eatin’ maturity meetin’

Livin’ laughin’ singin’ and dancin’

Movin’ groovin’ maBEETS been soothin’ while the maestros been Beetlejuice boozin’

Launch parties, superheroes, goodbyes and hellos, at Beethoven X, it’s always a hell of a show!

This week it’s been no different, let’s crack into the CP.


Where better to begin than the showstoppin maBEETS Reliquary launch?

Pimped out and POPPIN. Jam-packed with launch parties, giveaways, mega-articles, threads, educational videos, a brand new scintillating UI, bustin’ new financial NFTs and the catchiest song of them all (shout out to lyrical genius Steven Vinyl), maturity adjusted BEETS have entered the BEETaverse for the very first time!

A privilege and an honour, at Beethoven X we’re the first team to showcase the Byte Mason-made Reliquary technology to the DeFi world. There are already 1,422 Relics that have been created with over $4.4 million of $fBEETS stored within them; tomorrow, users who created their Relic at launch will be able to level up their position, boost their maturity and grow their Ludwig NFT into its next evolutionary stage

The maBEETS party is far from over. Keep your eyes peeled for more Reliquary resources and giveaways dropping this week… There are going to be some BANGERS!

Out of the loop? Looking to get the low down on everything Reliquary?

We’ve got you covered.

Gauge vote

BEETS are back at it again!!

Another wave of the bi-weekly Gauge Vote has been completed and the results are in!

It’s been awesome to watch the new beets gauge structure boppin into gear. There’s been over $20,000 in Gauge bounties this past round, with two new pools passing the 2% threshold. Working alongside the Music Directors to create the most efficient pools has paid off as both these new pools, Oath Candelabra and Great Fugue Op. 133 in C Minor pools were in the top 5 most voted pools and will receive BEETS emissions when the new epoch begins.

Round 31 also marks a special one. This was the last gauge vote in which voting power is a function of the fBEETS in a user’s wallet. From next week, voting power will be powered by the maturity adjusted BEETS a user holds. This voting power scales as shown below.

To learn more about the Maturity curve and its impact on governance check out this article:


Can you hear the calling?

The unBEETables is a new community initiative focusing on community development through a series of Quests centred around learning, creativity and community engagement. Hosted through a platform called Crew3 and integrated through our social media platforms, users can earn unique rewards, unlock new features and gain access to an inclusive community of like-minded contributors.

Rise through the ranks in the hope of one day joining the UnBEETables and rocking an exclusive BEETS superhero NFT! But, it’s not all about rankings. Quality over quantity. Some superhero content creators will be asked to join the squad by going above and beyond and producing something truly magical. While the ranks show commitment, superheroes must show more than that!

Superhero Spotlight

So who has gone above and beyond this week? This week’s superhero spotlight is featuring the mighty NauLxD.

Dive into the reasoning behind “Why Beethoven X? from the perspective of a treasured community member.

#maBEETS #unBEETables

A Special Announcement

Alongside celebrations and technical innovations, we also have some important news to share. Our treasured numbers guy, our renowned financial maestro, and everybody's favourite BEETified greek dish - Souvlaki is parting ways as a core contributor to Beethoven X.

Performance reports, governance frameworks, treasury management, popping new dashboards, everything the financial maestro touched has been filled with an abundance of quality. Truly above and beyond. We speak on behalf of the whole community when we say, endless gratitude and appreciation! We know the maestro will go on to make a massive impact wherever he ends up.

It’s not a complete goodbye though. Although Souvlaki is leaving the core contributor role, he will continue his role as a music director to the Beethoven X DAO.

Closing chapters, and blossoming new beginnings. We have an old face returning to the Beethoven X core contributors team! Nixl will be stepping back into the BEETS crew and with it, bringing his funkadalically fresh financial expertise. We are incredibly excited to have him back!


Revolutionary new tech, giveaways, pimped-out DeFi superheroes, new beginnings and fresh faces, the week ahead is sure to be a BLAST!

See you around Ludiwgs,

Love as always.