Concerto Programme — 57

Beethoven X
5 min readFeb 28, 2023


Mystical, Mythical, Magical, Momentous!

Maestros, what a week to be alive. The sun has been shining, the weather has been sweet. We’ve been moving, grooving and dancing to the BEETS.

Speaking of BEETS, it’s about to go DOWN.

maBEETS is about to drop, Reliquary, NFTS, The unBEETables, Giveaways and more this week is going to be a BANGER.

Let’s dive into the weekly Concerto!



The great migration will be taking place this week on 01.03.23 at 12:00pm UTC.

To celebrate we are hosting a LAUNCH PARTY and all Ludwigs are invited to come and bring in this new initiative together in style!

We’ll be dropping exclusive alpha, a bunch of unique NFTS, tutorials, sneak peaks and more!

The launch party will be taking place 30mins before Reliquary drops and will be hosted on our Discord. Come hang with the gang and let’s make this launch POP OFF together!

To make sure everyone is set for the journey we have compiled together the ultimate survival guide for the Reliquary. Packed with everything you need and more, jump head first into this masterpiece and become more than you ever thought once possible.

Ladies and Gentlemen, RELIQUARY — Everything. Everywhere. All At Once!

Gauge Vote

It’s almost time to drop that ballot. Round 31 of the Beethoven X Gauge vote will begin this Thursday!

This marks the beginning of an important milestone for the protocol. With the Launch of Reliquary this Wednesday this round of the Gauge will be the last using fBEETS. The next gauge will implement a maturity adjusted vote through users maBEETS positions.

What does this mean? Well, as a relic moves through the maturity curve so does a person’s voting power.

The maturity percentage represents the relative power that the fBEETs in the relic holds.

As an example, if you had 100 $fBEETs in a level 1 relic, you will only have 4% voting power. In other words 4 votes. As the relic levels up, so does your voting power.

Fast forward a few weeks and the same 100 $fBEETs in a level 5 relic now have 44% voting power, represented by 44 votes.

Finally, when the relic reaches level 11, it carries 100% of the voting rights of the underlying $fBEETS.

This effect of growing voting power applies to all voting strategies, including the gauge allocation of BEETs.

To learn more about the Maturity curve and its impact on governance check out this article:


It’s been a little quiet on the Governance front but we’re back into the swing of things. Last week a proposal (BIP-39) passed to approve the adoption of the NP LLC operating agreement.

The full results can be found here:

Any LLC requires rules to operate and an operating agreement sets forth those rules. The adoption of such an agreement was considered to be the next best step for the protocol in terms moving forward with the formation of the BeethovenX DAO non-profit LLC under the laws of the RMI.

For a deep dive into the agreement check out the following doc:

Stay connected to the community through Discord for the next step in the evolution of our DAO.

Gitcoin Grants — Round 1

The Gitcoin Grants program was a joint effort by the Fantom Foundation and Gitcoin to support projects on the Fantom platform through community funding.

The program matched community donations to projects through a mechanism powered by quadratic funding. The first round of donations, concluded on January 2 and the FDN have just released the results.

In total we received a total of 3480 FTM

We’d like to take a moment to celebrate this and give thanks to all the Ludwigs who made it possible!

We will be sharing with the community our intentions for using this grant over the next couple of weeks and will keep you all informed. Stay tuned!

The unBEETables

Can you hear the calling?

Earth’s mightiest superheroes must band together and learn to fight as a team if they are to conquer the vast desolations of the DeFi ever-realms.

The unBEETables is a new community initiative that focuses on community development through a series of Quests centred around learning, creativity and community engagement. Hosted through a platform called Crew3 and integrated through our social media platforms, users can earn unique rewards, unlock new features and gain access to an inclusive community of like-minded contributors.

Rise through the ranks in the hope of one day joining the UnBEETables and rocking an exclusive BEETS superhero NFT!

Are you ready to rise up the ranks, maestros? Are you ready to share your greatness with the world?

Get started on your quest today!

Superhero Spotlight

This week’s superhero spotlight is featuring the mighty Onkeljoe.

Dive into the Reliquary from the perspective of a treasured BEETS community member. Truly a work of art.

#maBEETS #unBEETables



The funk just doesn’t stop. There is a lot going down in the BEETS house and the future has never looked so bright.

Funkadelicaly FRESH and outright ridiculous. We’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and we’re having a blast while we do it.

Wishing you all the very best for the week ahead, enjoy it while you can!

Lets’ get it Maestros, to infinity and beyond.