Concerto Programme — 56

Beethoven X
4 min readFeb 22, 2023

Out with the old and in with the new!

Winter is almost at a close and the spring season is beckoning! A little dust here and there and we’re ready to embrace the growth of a new season.

We’ve been busy over the past couple months and our work is about to come to fruition. Jam packed and juicy the week ahead is filled with surprise!

Let’s dive in.


Wen Rel they asked?! As the excitement began to crescendo.

Wen Rel they demanded?! As the tension became unbearable.

Wen Rel they cried?! As desperation grasped at their hearts.

Wen Rel?!


Look no further dear Ludwig, for the hour hath cometh.

The dawning of a new age of prosperity lies upon us. A new hope for a better future where community and protocol can finally thrive united as one.

The beginning of an era of opportunity and opulence.


The great migration will take place on 01.03.23 at 12:00pm UTC.

To make sure everyone is set for the journey we have compiled together the ultimate survival guide for the Reliquary. Packed with everything you need and more, jump head first into this masterpiece and become more than you ever thought once possible.

Ladies and Gentlemen, RELIQUARY — Everything. Everywhere. All At Once!

The unBEETables

Can you hear the calling?

Earth’s mightiest superheroes must band together and learn to fight as a team if they are to conquer the vast desolations of the DeFi ever-realms.

The unBEETables is a new community initiative that focuses on community development through a series of Quests centred around learning, creativity and community engagement. Hosted through a platform called Crew3 and integrated through our social media platforms, users can earn unique rewards, unlock new features and gain access to an inclusive community of like-minded contributors.

Rise through the ranks in the hope of one day joining the UnBEETables and rocking an exclusive BEETS superhero NFT!

Are you ready to rise up the ranks, maestros? Are you ready to share your greatness with the world?

Get started on your quest today!

Town Hall

Hear ye, hear ye. Gather all around!

The fabled Town Hall has come round once again. Show stoppin, fact poppin and delightfully data droppin. Join us on Thursday at 12pm UTC for the monthly protocol breakdown.

We’ll dive into the Performance Report for the past Month at BEETS as well as focus on the upcoming launch of Reliquary. There has been a whole lot going down and we’re excited to share with you all the recent developments.

Reliquary, Performance Reports, Boosted Pools, NFTs and more. This month’s Town is going to be a blast.

Be there, Maestros!

Gauge Vote

BEETS are back at it again!!

Another wave of the bi-weekly Gauge Vote has been completed and we would love to give a big shoutout to everyone who participated.

Emission updates for pools will be implemented this Wednesday and the final results for Round 30 can be found in the Tweet below:

On the topic of the Gauge, it’s important to remember that some recent changes were made to the format and structure of the Beethoven X Gauge. If you missed out on the news or a little bit confused check out the following article and everything will make a little more sense.


Drop it like it’s DOCS.

Show stopping, soul popping, beet dropping badassery.

The updated DOCS were released to the public last week. A major improvement on their previous life, the new DOCs have everything and we mean everything you need to know about Beethoven X. From deep dives into Tech, Tokenomics and Ecosystems, we haven’t left a stone unturned.

Tune in, vege out and learn all about the brand, product and vision in one consolidated information hub.


What a week! Reliquary poppin, the unBEETables droppin and the fabled Town Hall. There’s something about that feeling, that feeling of innovation and the beauty of watching a new masterpiece unfold into the BEETaVerse.

We’re stoked to be on this journey and to be out here making music with the best cats in the game.

Here’s to you Maestro,

Have a good one!