Concerto Programme — 48

Dear Friends,

Welcome back to another beautiful week.

Father BEETmas has come and gone and just like that Christmas is over. Plenty of BeetNog was consumed and an unhealthy amount of merrymaking was made. Friends, family, loved ones and our beloved Ludiwigs were all present to celebrate the festivities and we brought the holidays in with style — nothing less.

With the Christmas cheer still lingering we look ahead to now to the next big shindig — Hogmanay! New Years is always a blast and we’re looking forward to celebrating with the BEETS family once again.

With the Festive Season still underway the week ahead will be a little lighter than usual. Tis the time to be spent with loved ones and most of the Team will be splitting their time between work and family.

Don’t worry however there is still plenty going on behind the scenes and a couple of things to be on the lookout for.

So, What’s on the Concerto Programme this week?

Tech Tuesdays: Tech, Tech and a little bit more Tech! DeFi is brimming with new stuff, all the time. It’s fast, it’s fun and it’s oh-so complicated — or is it? Come join us for a mellow jam session on the technical innovations from Beethoven X and Beyond! Everyone is welcome, simply tune in and get those questions poppin! Normally run on a Tuesday, this session will be taking place in our Discord at 13:00 UTC on Thursday.

Weekly Community breathe: Feel like it’s all getting a little too much? The breath is central to many inner practices and plays a major role in the regulation of our nervous systems. From general well being to focused inner work, a consistent breath work practice is almost certainly going to add value to your journey. Join us on Thursday at 08:00 UTC for a community breathwork session with

Yogi Astralnaut.

BEETS are back at it again!! Another wave of the bi-weekly Gauge Vote has been completed and we would love to give a big shoutout to everyone who participated. Emission updates for pools will be implemented this Wednesday and the final results for Round 26 can be found in the Tweet below.

Hot Hot, Heat Heat! Some serious fire incoming from Beethoven’s very own, Souvlaki.

This week’s hot topic is all about Reliquary. With the implementation just around the corner there is plenty to keep up with.

Join Souvlaki for a deep dive into some curves and what it all means for fBEETS.

Introducing: Decoding The BEETronix Maturity Curve


Beethoven X launched the X-fund as a means to come together as a collective to re-imagine what it means to be part of a global community. More than just a financial protocol, Beethoven X is deeply rooted in community development, collaboration and giving back to the beautiful planet that sustains us.

It’s been a while since we last touched on the X Fund and below you can find the most recent article, breaking down recent events.

The BEETmas bonanza is over until next year but boy was it a good time. Father BEETmas and his crew of merry Ludwigs had an absolute blast but mayyyyybe it’s time to put down the BeetNog for a little while… just a little while.

The treasure hunt was super fun and we enjoyed every moment. We’d like to just take a quick moment to say thanks to everyone who participated and all the creative entries.

Keep it coming!

Short and sweet this week Maestros.

There is plenty cooking under the hood and we are excited to share with you all our plans for the New Year.

That’s for later though!

For now, kick back, relax and enjoy the end of what has most definitely been an eventful year. Plenty of action and a bag full of memories; it’s most definitely been a ride.

So much Gratitude for a wonderful year and booming community of Ludwigs.

Here’s to the end of 22’ and the coming of a New Year.

Have a good one and we’ll catch y’all on the flip side!

Love as always,




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