Concerto Programme — 35

Dear Friends and Fellow Ludwigs,

Welcome to another beautiful week. The Beethoven Philharmonic Orchestra is steadily making music to melt the minds of the masse! You all know how much we love a good melody and this next symphony will definitely be one to live for.

It feels like the tides are beginning to turn and we are all looking forward to the road ahead. Epicness loading.

What’s on the Concerto Programme this week?

Teched up and tapped in. The devs are deep in the matrix making sure the Machines don’t take over the planet. When they aren’t saving the world from imminent takeover, they are casually making sure that BEETS is the coolest place to be. Over the past couple of weeks they have been working on Boosted Pools 2.0. Back with a bang and more juicy than ever, the finishing touches are being put into place. From stress tests and reviews to building out the supporting services, Boosted Pools are looking nothing short of spectacular. Now that V2 has hit the main stage, it’s time to keep up to speed backstage; tweaks and improvements have been made to the UI on top of a ramp up for monitoring the V2 backend. All in all, it’s looking pretty danged sweet!

We are always eager to have the community actively involved and engaged in steering the future of the protocol. Governance is an ongoing process of ideation, discussion, voting and implementation. The Treasury is how we store value and invest in the future of Beethoven X. With so much going on it can be hard to keep up to speed so here are some of the recent updates.

Bug bounty

Safety and security lie at the forefront of Beethoven X. Last week a proposal was put forward for an additional bug bounty to further battle test contracts aside from those covered by the initial Balancer bug bounty program. This proposal passed favourably. Thank you all for continued support and your commitment to the music.

veBAL voting power

The veBAL gauge plays a pivotal role in our exploration of Optimism. We have been patient, analysing each option to ensure we move forward in the most efficient and rewarding way. So far, we have offered gauge incentives to veBAL holders to direct BAL emissions. We also approved using POL to farm BAL on the DEX to pair with ETH and lock for veBAL on mainet. We are now looking to add a final strategy to this approach to complete a veBAL trifecta. This would include sending a portion of the fees that would go to the treasury to either stack veBAL or vlAURA. This would allow Beethoven X to accumulate voting power over the gauge from 3 different sources, and this all filters back to users via increased BAL emissions.

The discussion can be found here:

The highly anticipated Symphony Of The Week is back with a bang! One of our principal acts takes the centre stage and is eager to be performing its latest masterpiece. None other than FTMs very own — Welcome, Fantom of the Opera!

Beethoven X is so much more than just technology. Yes, we have one of the most badass tech stacks under the hood. Yes, we are pushing the boundaries of DeFi, and yes, we are standing at the frontline as pioneers in a nascent industry. But we are also so much more than that. Over the past year we have built a brand that has come to be recognised for its excellence, for its care and compassion, for its community and most importantly its outrageous capacity for creativity. Over the coming months we will be shifting gears and switching lanes; what have we got planned? Well, for starters we will be focusing a lot more on visual content formats as well as dipping our toes into some more “conventional” forms of advertising. We love our brand and we want to show it to the world. We also have some intriguing partnership opportunities to explore and we are excited to bring in a fresh breath of air into the circle. Stay tune folks, stay tuned!

The weeks are just sailing and Round 18 of the Beethoven X gauge vote is almost upon us.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have your say in 30% of the BEETS emissions for the weeks of September 05 and 12. Voting will be conducted via Snapshot and will go live at some point this Thursday.

For more information on the Gauge and how you can get involved check out the following Medium article:

What is the weekend without a little bit of a party? And you know how much we love to play. Last week was all about Weighted Pools and to celebrate we thought we would give you Ludwigs the chance to get lucky and score an exclusive NFT, Arnie Schwartzenhoven style!

There is so much music out there it’s hard to listen to it all! We try our best to keep it all lined up; here are the gigs scheduled for this week:

Weekly Community breathe: Feel like it’s all getting a little too much? Or perhaps you just want to take things to the next level — elevate! The breath is central to many inner practices and plays a major role in the regulation of our nervous systems. From general well being to focused inner work, a consistent breath work practice is almost certainly going to add value to your journey. Join us on Wednesday at 09:00 PM UTC for a community breathwork session with Yogi Astralnaut.

Bi-Weekly Conscious Conversations: Grab a cup of tea / coffee and come hang out with the community in our bi-weekly conscious conversations session. This is an open space to catch up, share and be seen. No expectations, no agenda, simply show up and be present. If you feel like sharing or just listening in, this is a place for our community to be vulnerable. Join us on Thursday at 12:00 PM UTC over on our Discord.

The evolution of the protocol and our community has given us a source of unshakable inspiration. The further along the road we get, the more committed to our cause we become. Step by step, we are walking towards an inevitable future. A future where the land is free from the Machines and our dear Ludwigs are free to degen until the hearts are truly content.

Love as always,

Beethoven X



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