Concerto Programme — 30

Dear Friends and Fellow Ludwigs,

Welcome to another beautiful week.

The music never ceases to amaze with an abundance of genres and emotions. Joy, melancholy, happiness, and hope float effortlessly in the soundwaves through the air.

What emotion has the music conveyed this week? A beautiful mirage of celebration and exploration. Here my Ludwig friend, jump on board the soundwaves and let us explore what is on the Concerto this week.

Tech / Dev

Behind the scenes, the technical composers are hard at work preparing for the great unveiling of BEETS V2. The team has continued its push on the front end. It’s all coming together and it is proving to be such a wonderful composition.

Analytics has been a focal point this week, with the team integrating brand-new graphs alongside the fresh look. Each Liquidity pool offers a plethora of information about each magic symphony whilst the fresh UI seamlessly shows off the Beethoven brand. We can’t wait to show you.

Team member Skly has continued his magical blog series explaining the Balancer contract. This momentous piece about balancer’s base pool caused quite the stir in the Balancer community. Give it a read here:

Alongside integration into the veBAL gauge,We are currently reviewing code for upgraded factory pools. These new pools will allow for a sustainable protocol revenue source, independent of swap fees by incorporating a unique fee accrual mechanism.

Learn more here in a thread from our newest team member Naly:

Gauge Vote

Round 15 of the bi-weekly Gauge vote came to a close on Sunday. Bribes totalled $36,891 with a total of 58,166,127 votes. A big thank you to everyone who participated!

The emission updates for pools will be updated this Wednesday and the final results for Round 15 can be found here:


Can you feel the beat in your bones? Does your body want to move? A party is popping in the Fantom underworld. Let’s get down and groove.

There’s a smoothness to the sax, a snap to the snare, a beat to the bass, and a boogie in the air. This week we celebrate our 20th SOTW and it’s one of the greats!

The legendary group of players, wETH, wBTC, FTM, and USDC; it is none other than our very special A Late Quartet.

Check out the full article here:


The mastery behind every great music piece starts with the notes on the sheet. Last week we dropped the updated version of the analytics dashboard and now reading music has never been easier.

In true Beethoven fashion, the Maestro Souvlaki took a moment to breakdown the basics of the dashboard and outline how you can start to get the most out it:


We make music for the love of creation and this week our in house designer has been on a creative whirl.

It’s been great to support the community lately and Vee has been busy helping out corgi frens with a FTM corgi giveaway NFT creative plus he’s cooking up something special as part of a Beethoven X collab with our friends over at Granary!

Live Events

The music never stops and this week is no exception. Here are the gigs we have lined up for this week:

Tech Tuesdays

Sit back, relax and join us for a down-to-earth chat with the team about all things tech. There is no structure to these conversations, you can bring any questions you may have, we love to hear your thoughts.

The session will begin at 18:00UTC this Tuesday over on Discord.

Community Breathwork Session

When the music gets a little hectic, take a deep breath. Join us on Wednesday at 12:00 PM UTC for a community breathwork session with Yogi Astralnaut. In such a fast paced space, it always helps to slow down.

The breathwork session will be hosted on Zoom and all the relevant links / information can be found in the 🌷︲lotus-room on Discord.

Conscious Conversations

An intentional space to be seen and our collective concerns heard. On Thursday’s at 12:00 UTC we host an open space for community conversation with an intention to support each other through hardship and struggle. If you feel called, we would love to have you there.

The session will take place on the 🌷︲lotus-room-voice-channel on Discord.


Celebration and exploration. Some of the more upbeat qualities in our musical expression and we couldn’t be more excited to be out here doing what we love the most.

There is a lot in the pipeline and we feel the anticipation start to intensify as we move closer to execution. From new tech to the release of a brand new user experience, there is a lot to be hopeful for and we are only just getting started.

We wish you all the very best for the week ahead and look forward to catching up with you all soon!

Keep making music,

Beethoven X



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