Concerto Programme — 24

Dear Friends and Fellow Ludiwigs,

Welcome to another beautiful week on Mother Earth. Despite the current macro environment, the sun is still shining and we are grateful to be drinking coconuts and making music.

As we approach the Summer Solstice the energy surrounding us is vibrant and full of life. We have just arrived in a new city and the exploration setting has been cranked all the way up to the max. Degen and Beet X are busy frolicking with the Beetals in glorious fashion and are on the prowl to see what kind of compositions they can come up with.

Life back on Fantom is as ghoulish as ever and the rest of the Beethoven X crew have been up to all sorts of mischief while the Maestro and his esquire have been gone from the castle. Ghastly creations are being cooked up in the madhouse and we are getting excited to unleash some of the chimaeras into the universe.

We Build, We Build, We Compose, We Compose. Until our Bony Fingers Bleed!

With Love of course!

So what’s on the Concerto Programme this week?

New Emissions from Gauge Vote

Another wave of the bi weekly Gauge Vote has been completed and we would love to give a big shoutout to everyone who participated. The emission updates for the voted pools have been implemented and the final results for Round 12 can be found here.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Gauge Vote, how it works and how you can get involved please check out the following article here.

fBEETS Revenue Share

The fantastical fresh BEET (fBEET) is an interest bearing asset that accrues value over time. 30% of the Beethoven X protocol fees are redistributed back into Fidelio Duetto LP on a regular basis and as a result the value of the fBEET BPT increases.

The current value of 1 fBEET is now = 1.0224 BPT.


There is never a dull moment on our Discord and the community has been as busy as ever. We encourage all of our Ludwigs to try and stay up to date with all of the governance discussions and participate whenever possible.

Currently we have 2 active discussions on our discord with one active vote live on snapshot.

All of the discussions can be found under the Governance section on our Discord.

Community Centre

Some of you may have (hopefully) noticed the recent rearrange to our Discord layout. One of the changes we made was to create a space we are calling the Community Centre. As the name suggests, this is a space where we can have a central focus for all things community oriented.

As part of this initiative we have a couple of projects underway:

The Lotus Room — This week we saw the launch of our first community breathwork session. This is an experience we feel we can gift to our community with the hope that we can all learn, play and grow together through DeFi. Alongside the breathwork session, we will also be hosting an open space for casual conversation with some of the team and any members of the community who feel like dropping in. For more info on whats taking place, please check in to the 🌷︲lotus-room on Discord.

Social Science Lab — Josey, our in house researcher has been working non-stop with the community in a recent study on sense making. With so much movement and constant change in DeFi, the need to make sense of all that goes on becomes ever more apparent. For anyone interested in Josey’s work and all the wonderful things that go on in her magical laboratory, please don’t be shy and knock on her door. You can always find her in the 🧐︲social-science-lab channel on our Discord.


The wiz kids behind the scenes are constantly holding it down and innovating like there is no tomorrow. Besides an ever growing list of top secret developments, here is what they have been working on this week.

  • In light of the recent deployment on Optimism, the analytics dashboard on the website has been updated to include performance metrics from the Optimism branch. Check out the masterful work here.
  • Debank has also been updated to support Beethoven X on Optimism.
  • The design squad alongside the devs have been making steady progress on the v2 launch for the UI and it’s getting close, very close!!
  • The SNX token issues on Optimism have been fixed and the “Optimistic 8 Track” pool is now back online. The rewards for the pool are set to begin on Friday.
  • The first set of stable pools for the Optimism site are under construction and will be launched later this week or early next week.


As we expand into the great recesses of the Cryptoverse, the marketing team are also looking into expanding content output and social reach. With the move to Optimism still fresh in air, much of the marketing efforts have been put towards making sure we land in our new home with a bit of a bang. You know how strongly we feel about education and with that said we will be curating content over the coming weeks focused on the brilliance of the Balancer technology. Alongside articles and threads we have a couple of live events lined up with some of the giga minds on the scene to preach the gospel that is Balancer V2 — more on that soon.

X fund

“Above and Beyond” and “Leave no Trace” are now household names in the X fund circle and embody our philosophy to give back to the beautiful planet that surrounds us — unapologetically. Over the past couple weeks we have been finalising some of the decision making processes that guide the actions for this circle, as well as executing on the promises we have made to our community. As the protocol develops the role that the X fund plays becomes increasingly more important to us and we are actively looking at ways that we can engage more intimately with the community. Stay tuned for more recent updates and developments soon.


Wen Airdrop we hear you chant? Soon Sers, Soon!

The Maestros behind the designs have had their crayons out and the colours have been blasting. Ridiculous creativity is part of who we are and so you can expect nothing less. The ideas have become sketches and those sketches have become fully fledged compositions. Masterful compositions. We are oh so close to perfection and we are getting ready to launch. Stay tuned for more, Soon!


Another beautiful week with the best community an undead composer could hope for. As we move ever closer to the magical city of Vienna, we carry with us nothing but a deep sense of pride and appreciation for our community, as well as a bucket load of inspiration. Inspiration to continue on our mission and to build the best darned DeFi protocol the world has ever seen. Ambitious words for ambitious creatures. Onwards we say, Onwards!

Love as always,

Beethoven X



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