Concerto Programme — 15

Dear Friends and Fellow Ludwigs,

Welcome to Week 15 of the wonderful year of 2022. The month of April is rolling through beautifully and we are excited to be composing more music. Inspired by the coming of spring, we feel the life force rejuvenating our bony bodies and we are eager to get back on the road and continue on our journey to Vienna.

So what’s on the Concerto this week?

Symphony of the Week:

This week’s masterpiece embodies adventure and enchants with its sublime melody. We welcome to the stage — One God Between Two Stables.

For a deep dive into the pool’s performance check out the full length Medium feature here.

Gauge Vote:

Round 8 is just around the corner. The next round of votes for the distribution of the BEETS farm emissions will start this Thursday. To make sure you stay up to date, check in with our Twitter and Discord where we have dedicated posts / channels specifically for the gauge.

Remember in order to qualify for the gauge, one must hold fBEETS or have them staked in Beethoven X prior to the commencement of the snapshot.

Fireside Chats:

What’s better than a cosy chat around a smouldering fire? Well, not much to be honest but a Beethoven Fireside chat comes pretty darned close.

We are introducing a slightly more informal platform for communication with the community where we can pick up topics on the fly and have more casual conversations about things we think are cool.

This week we have penciled in a session to chat about what’s been going down in the Finance Circle. The Fireside will take place on our Discord this Wednesday at 18:00 UTC.

Monthly Performance Report:

The last quarter (Q1) was a major milestone for us and we are thrilled with the progress we have made as a protocol. We held a town hall AMA last week; during which we had a section dedicated to the quarterly performance of the protocol. Following on from this we will also release a written copy of the Monthly/Quarterly Performance Report which will be available later this week.

In case you missed the AMA, fear not dear Ludwigs — you can find a link to a Soundcloud recording here.

Multi Token Rewarder:

Tech, on Tech, on Tech!

The recent launch of the stable pool — My Beautiful Dark Twisted Decentralised Dollar is the perfect pool to demonstrate some recent technological innovations being made at Beethoven X.

Not only is this pool a Boosted wonder child; it is also one of the first pools on Beethoven to stunt the multi token pool rewarder. This feature is taking our Farms as a Service (FaaS) functionality to an entirely new level as it is now possible to have any number of reward tokens with independent emissions on a pool.


As promised we will be releasing a couple educational pieces over the coming week to help bring awareness to some of the awesome things happening in and around Beethoven. This week, be on look out for an article on Terra UST and the wonders of the Boosted 4 Pool as well as an article on Bonding.


This week another NFT was minted to the Mix-tapes and Mementos collection and given away to the community. As our team is growing, we are minting more pfp NFTs to the Helpinludwigs collection. And while our degen apprentice is busy recording his first music NFTs in the studio, we are designing a beautiful concert hall in the 8bit metaverse for the degen’s band to launch their first studio album with a live concert.

Community Discussions:

In the discord there are a few open discussions regarding how to best use the different treasury revenue streams. Please join the conversations as we collectively decide the best way to put these treasury funds to use. The target is to put these topics up for vote later this week.

AMA with Stader:

With the upcoming launch of Staders liquid token — sFTMx, Beethoven X will be partnering with Stader to create a Liquidity Pool that will help provide instant liquidity to users who want to exit their sFTMx positions.

In light of the partnership, we will be hosting Twitter space this Tuesday, 12th April at 18:00 UTC to take a deep dive into their project and the plans they have for the future of liquid staking on Fantom.

From the Devs:

The Devs have been pushing the technical frontiers and are taking the innovation for the protocol to new heights. Here’s what they have to say this week:

  • Starting the complete overhaul of the portfolio page on the website. As a result we are taking it offline until further notice. You can track your investments under the my investments tab on the Invest / Farm page.
  • Significant improvements are being made to the security infrastructure.
  • Did we mention the multi-token rewarder?
  • Revenue share for fBEETS has been updated and the value of one fBEET is now worth 1.0172
  • Various minor improvements on the UI /general bug fixes.

The music has been beautiful and so vibrant. The Spring has brought with it and new lease of life and we are continually inspired to contribute to the collective sounds of the DeFi ecosystem.

We wish you all the very best for the week ahead and look forward to connecting with you soon.

More Music, More Life.

Beethoven X



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