Concerto Programme — 117

Beethoven X
3 min readMay 20, 2024

Rise and Shine Maestros,

Welcome to another beautiful week at BEETS. Funkadelically FRESH and always insightful, let’s dive into the weekly Concerto Programme.

Gauge vote

The weeks are just flying by and the next round of the Beethoven Gauge Vote is just on the horizon.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have your say in BEETS emissions for the period of the 29th of May to the 11th of June.

The maBEETS gauge decides 50% of the BEETS farm emissions and the next round will start this Thursday!

New Pool — Primordial Fluid: ECO-System 01

The power of 8020 collides with a new $ECO-system!

✅ Asymmetric $ECO exposure
✅ 20% Yield Bearing $sFTMx
✅ Plugged into the #maBEETS gauge

Hot Topic

Bustin’, beatin’, the sFTMx fam continues to grow…

Odos Protocol now supports $sFTMx minting as part of its optimal swap order routing.

If minting $sFTMx results in a better rate than swapping, the router will automatically mint $sFTMx for you!


The BEETS data series is running strong.

Light work and easy reading these little gems are meant to keep you up to date with the most essential performance metrics at Beethoven X.

Dive into episode #58 below.

Live Events

Bring back da alpha!!

We’re re-kicking off Tech Thursdays — a weekly space in which we dive into the technical brilliance of Balancer Tech.

Sprinkled with alpha drops, this weekly chat is as chilled as it gets. Rock up, listen in, and join the convo (if you want to). This week we’re hopping on at 1 PM UTC.


The sun is shining Ludwigs and the weather is sweet! We hope everyone out there is still groovin’ to the BEETS. More challenging times out there for sure but we’re out here building and fully committed to the mission. There is plenty in the pipeline to look forward to and we’re stoked to have you all here with us!

Have a great week and stay FRESH maestros!

Beet X