Composing away on getting them BEETS to them BAL holders

Balancer Friendly Fork — BEETS Airdrop Details

Dear friends, Ludwigs and BAL holders.

Let’s continue the composition of our airdrop of BEETS to all you BAL holders.

To refresh your memory we are composing towards a portion of the Beethoven X protocol being owned by both the BAL treasury and BAL holders, and so we proposed that 5% of the total supply of BEETS should be allocated as follows:

  • 4% provided to the BAL treasury, with a six month cliff followed by a two year linear vesting schedule.
  • 1% provided as an airdrop to BAL holders

BEETS Airdrop Qualifiers

  • Any address with an LP position of at least $100 in a pool containing BAL was included in the qualifying list. The snapshot took into account Balancer V2 pools on Ethereum mainnet, Polygon, and Arbitrum. The snapshot for LPs was taken November 12th 12:00 UTC, the corresponding block numbers are provided at the top of each tab.
  • Any address with a MATIC QiDao vault position with at least 5 BAL deposited. The snapshot was taken from the same block as the LP snapshot.
  • Any address containing at least 5 BAL was included in the qualifying list. The addition of BAL held in wallets came later, so the snapshot was taken December 3rd.
  • We are working with Balancer Labs to get the full list of beneficiaries of vesting contracts. They will be included in the list of qualifiers.

BEETS Airdrop Eligibility Requirements

Any wallet appearing in the list of qualifiers is eligible to receive the BEETS airdrop if they have at least $100 USD value staked in a Beethoven X incentivized farm on Fantom Opera by Sunday the 12th of December at 00:00 UTC.

Additionally, the address will need to maintain its position for the duration of the airdrop period to remain eligible.

For anyone new to Fantom, there will be a faucet available in our discord for qualifying addresses. Just ping one of the mods or team members and we’ll be happy to assist. (Link to Discord)

BEETS Airdrop Details

  • To achieve a more equitable distribution of tokens, the airdrop will be distributed equally to all eligible addresses.
  • The airdrops will commence on the 23rd of December
  • Airdrops will occur once a week for a period of 4 weeks, split equally
  • The last airdrop will occur on the 13th of January

If you have questions you can always reach out to us, we are always happy to dialogue and be of service. Just like when we composed amazing music for the masses back in the early 1800s.



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