Beethoven X on Optimism. Powered by Love and Balancer.

Beethoven X
6 min readJun 2, 2022


Imagine a world where love and kindness rule supreme.

Imagine a world where collaboration takes precedence over competition. A world where communities work together towards a collective goal in harmony and peace. A world filled with optimism and positivity.

Imagine a world where economic principles are based on sustainable systems, on positive growth hierarchies of regeneration, of balance and equality.

‘The skills we need to cultivate lie in the ability to contribute, not the ability to extract.’ — Mr. Kind

Imagine a world where political systems, governance structures and policies are rooted in collective liberation, social justice and compassion. Imagine a world where governance is continuously iterated upon and adapted towards systems that benefit all.

Imagine a world where the tyranny of our past is addressed, acknowledged and repaired. A world where we are celebrated for our uniqueness and our individuality. Imagine a world where race, gender and all differences in identity are considered equal.

Imagine a world where we are resourced and empowered. A world where we are nourished, loved and cherished. A world where we are encouraged to strive towards the fullness of who we are.

Imagine a world where true wealth — wisdom, health, family and love are prioritised. A world where we no longer need to fight for survival. A world where access to abundance and freedom are gifted to everyone.

Imagine a world where composers like Mozart, Haydn and ourselves collaborate to create the most intricate melodies, scores, movements. Where we discover nature’s resonances and vibrations. Where our music becomes a pathway to something divine.

Imagine a world where individuals, collectives and communities challenge the social constructs of our time to rebuild a system that serves us all. Imagine a world where the vision of the community and the individual are one. To thrive, to flourish, to blossom.

“It is in your hands, to make a better world for all who live in it.” Nelson Mandela

Imagine. Just imagine.

Now bring that vision into your mind’s eye. What do you see? What do you feel?

Take a quiet moment to breathe, take a moment to listen. Can you hear the music?

Balancer on Optimism powered by Love.

In October of last year Beethoven X launched the first official Balancer friendly fork on Fantom. Since then, Beethoven X has been actively pushing the capabilities of the Balancer V2 technology to its full extent; developing a solid, community oriented protocol that is now one of the major DEXs on the Fantom network. All with the blessing and support of both the Balancer DAO and BalancerLabs.

In light of the recent traction surrounding L2s and the opportunities they present for scaling on the ETH network, both the Balancer and Beethoven X communities felt it was the right moment to take the next step in the relationship and work together to launch an official deployment on to Optimism.

By bringing together the expertise from both protocols, we believe we can create a DEX with the technical prowess and innovative capabilities needed to become a formidable player in the Optimism ecosystem. As well as complementing the sophisticated ideologies associated with the chain, we are confident we can build an optimal solution for DeFi liquidity provision on the network with the scope for sustainable, scalable, innovative growth that is highly competitive.

Balancer V2 Technology.

Balancer is an automated portfolio manager, liquidity provider, and price sensor that empowers decentralised exchange and the automated portfolio management of tokens. The protocol adopts powerful technology to slash gas costs, super-charge capital efficiency, unlock arbitrage with zero-token starting capital, and open the door to custom Automated Market Making (AMM).

With strong support from Balancer, Beethoven X has taken the foundations laid down by Balancer V2 and iterated on this powerful technology to become a leading DEXs on the Fantom ecosystem.

With a strong belief that the Balancer V2 technology far exceeds any existing AMM models in the industry, the teams at Beethoven X and Balancer are excited to join forces and collaboratively bring the Balancer V2 tech to Optimism to build a premier, all-in-one-DEX.

With Weighted Pools that can support multiple tokens, to dynamic swap fees, a sophisticated Smart Order Router (SOR), Boosted Pools and more, we’re bringing an advanced set of features that will showcase a unique user experience tailored to meet the needs and demands of the fast evolving DeFi environment.

Powered by love and constant innovation, we are determined to set the standard for AMMs across the industry. We aim to become one of the primary sources of DeFi liquidity by providing the most flexible and powerful platform for asset management and decentralised exchange.

What’s on the Horizon?

As we journey to Optimism, we bring with us a DEX of impeccable standards, a team of highly- skilled, dedicated composers and a community of engaged, kind-hearted humans. We have grown from a space guided by love and compassion and these values will only expand as we deploy on Optimism.

Beyond the technical prowess, Beethoven X and Balancer are communities that champion a more than “just tech” philosophy. We bring with us an evolved ecosystem that merges creativity, technology, community, product and impact into a sophisticated conglomeration that aims to cultivate the best possible environment for our users to thrive. We celebrate the people in our communities and we strive to create a place optimal for growth and expansion.

As we deploy on Optimism we are proud to be bringing with us 4 flagship pools that will kick start our journey — musical, masterful and above all else exceedingly creative.

Pool #1: All you need is Love — BEETS 40% | BAL 40% | OP 20%

Pool #2: Happy Road — ETH 40% | OP 40% | USDC 20%

Pool #3: Lennons’s Long — ETH 33% | BTC 33%| USDC 33%

Pool #4: Optimistic 8-Track — BEETS 12.5% | BAL 12.5% | OP 12.5% | SNX 12.5% | PERPl 12.5% | LYRA 12.5% | sUSD 12.5% | USDC 12.5%

A creative composition of assets tailored to fit our new home. Each pool is packed with the most innovative tech in DeFi and carefully curated to accentuate the very best experience for traders and investors.

With the unique capabilities enabled through weighted pools, it is possible for users to experiment, create and compose their own, weighted investment pools with up to 8 individual assets. What will you compose?

For a more detailed breakdown on the prelude liquidity pools, check out this Medium article here.


We couldn’t be more excited to be arriving at Optimism City. As a protocol we are looking forward to showcasing the Balancer V2 technologies and the infinite possibilities they provide for shaping the future of liquidity for DeFi. The innovation that Optimism brings to the table in terms of scalability, speed and capital efficiency will provide the perfect environment needed for our protocol to flourish.

As a community we are humbled and honoured to be working with like-minded individuals that share a passion not only for the transformation of the financial infrastructures that have shaped the lives of so many over the past century but also the positive growth of our societies as a whole as we transition towards an inevitable future.




Beethoven X