Announcing Beethoven X Pools

We’re excited to share the Beethoven X launch pools. Our strategy is to launch with a diverse set of investment pools that will appeal to a large segment of users in the FTM DeFi ecosystem.

  • (1) The Big Cap Pool: (BTC 33.3% / ETH 33.3% / FTM 33.3%) — Maintain equal exposure to BTC, ETH and FTM with this weighted pool.
  • (2) The FTM Bull Pool: (FTM 70% / USDC 30%) — Bullish on FTM but want to make sure you take profit on the way up? Then this pool is for you.
  • (3) The FTM DeFi Pool: (FTM 40% / LINK 30% / BOO 10% / SPIRIT 10% / SCREAM 10%) — A conservative DeFi pool that gives more weight to FTM and LINK, with lesser exposure to the major FTM DeFi protocols.
  • (4) The DEGEN DeFi Pool: (BOO 20% / SCREAM 20% / SPIRIT 20% / TAROT 10% / STEAK 10% / LQDR 10% / ICE 10%) — For all the degens out there, diverse exposure to the FTM DeFi ecosystem. Make a bet on the overall performance of FTM DeFi.
  • (5) The STABLE POOL: (DAI / USDC) — The base stable pool containing all major stable coins on FTM. This pool will serve as the base for future meta stable pools to allow us to support less liquid stable coins in the ecosystem.

The names of the pools will be defined by the Ludwigs — the Beethoven X community in a naming competition. Stay tuned for more information on the competition and the rewards.



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