AMA Special with Byte Masons and Justin Bebis, Upcoming Token Launch

Does Justin Bebis drive a Mazda?

Are the Byte Masons Launching a token in less than 2 weeks?

Are the Byte Masons actually just a ponzi for talent?

Is Bebis really Anti coin?

Would you like to know?

Historic event just unfolded on our Community Stage. Byte Masons and Justin Bebis unveiled their upcoming [redacted).

It was almost like that one time in Vienna, the Burgteater would open its doors and hundreds of people would storm through the doors to get a seat for the up coming concert.

In this life it took place on Discord and the music played gently as people joined the community town hall.

And then Justin Bebis was given the stage and unleashed his verbal gifts upon us all for 89 minutes straight. He revealed [redacted] and [redacted] and people were laughing hard when he [redacted].

You want the recording… so did we. 25 minutes into the 89 minute AMA our recording bot broke down. And all hope of being able to share this moment with more than the 250 listeners in a recorded form faded away.

What we would have been left with…

To our luck, a savior appeared, clearly a paladin with a score of more than 15 in wisdom and Intelligence. Sir Patrician from Crypto Shuraba the team behind recorded the whole thing. THANK YOU !

You can find the recording on our soundcloud here.

And maybe Bebis is launching a medium post with more news soon.

Enjoy all of the 89 minutes of wonderful Bebis.

is this actually Justin’s car?



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