Week 50. Who is the lovely lady? is it? could it be?

A merry snowplow. Concerto Programme Week 50

As we continue to plow on,

Dear Ludwigs, we can tell you from experience that, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. 200 years of travelling time and space, we have seen our fair share of violence, war and hardship. Yet time and time again, we have poured our heart and soul, skill and talent, from the depths of our heart, into our music.

And the music continues to unfold, into another week ahead of us. A week of full speed, head down, conduct, execute. Deliver.

Permissionless token launches leveraging the liquidity bootstrapping pool

This week is truly exciting! We are putting the final touches on the hard work that has gone into enabling permissionless fair launch auctions via the Beethoven X platform. We believe that the Liquditiy Bootstrapping Pool is a superior mechanism of distributing tokens — no sniping bots, no whales gobbling up the supply, and no stress is the kind of token launch we would love to see more off in the future.

The major push has been on creating a UI which allows a project to create their LBP based on their desired parameters on Beethoven X. In addition, we have improved several aspects of the UI for users participating in a launch.

The LBP is completely permissionless and can be set up by any project that desires to launch their token on Beethoven X. We are excited to be in a position to help new projects that desire to launch on Fantom do this in a fair, transparent, and equitable manner. More information dropping this week.

The Great Christmas Giveaway continues

Last week we welcomed six new members to the Ludwig Lounge as they got lucky in our Discord Christmas giveaway and won Beethoven X NFTs — the key to this exclusive circle. As a special treat for our Early Ludwigs, we collaborated with two of our favorite NFT projects on opera and gave away Binary Punks and Raphedz exclusively in the Ludwig Lounge.

RudyBEETS continues to drop NFTs on Wednesday and Friday. This week we’ll be giving away another two NFTs of the ‘First collection of the life and times of Ludwig the Undead’ as well four NFTs of our new ‘BEETHOVEN X Collection of Undead Partnerships’: Summit and Zapper, Firebird, Liquid Driver.

someone is looking for trouble

If you are a member of the Ludwig Lounge (holder of a BEETHOVEN X NFT), you’ll be happy to hear that we have some very special NFTs lined up for our Ludwig Lounge exclusive giveaway this week. You better make sure you don’t miss it! If you are unsure of how to participate or what we are talking about, read up on it in our medium article here.

In other news:

Balancer Airdrop

This week we will execute the first airdrop to the eligible BAL holders. Stay tuned for more.

The Olympus Pro Vote

You all voted a clear yes to the Olympus Pro Vote. We will execute on this vote of confidence. Stay tuned for even more.

Weekly AMAs

We will introduce weekly AMAs for voices to be heard and for questions to be answered. Will announce timing tomorrow.

Co-Reaper NFT Drop

Our beloved designer Vee has a new friend: Spooky Noob from Reaper Farm. Together they have created some amazing art that we will drop. Stay tuned to figure out if you are eligible for the competition. More to come during the week. Stay tuned.


Merry Christmas, wen? soon.

As the year nears its end, we also devote time to the future. We are currently setting ambitious goals for several areas of operations as we know we need to level up if we want to be the number 1 DEX on Fantom Opera. If you want to assist in community management, analytics, user acquisition, or any other area of your expertise, do reach out to the team in the Discord.

So dear friends, as the snow falls, as we plow through it, let the christmas spirit flood your heart, win some NFTs, take a breath, and put on some good music. The merry Christmas is just around the corner.




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